The modern day equivalent of “the cheque’s in the post”.

Why is it that someone will ask you to get something for them and then be completely unable or unprepared to pay you for it? I don’t wish to sound petty, and anyone who knows me will hopefully know that I am a pretty generous person with both my time and what little money I have left each month – but I do get a bit sick and tired of people asking me to go out of my way to pick things up for them and then having no means of reimbursing me when I rock up with the goods, and then subsequently conveniently forgetting all about it.

This leaves one with 2 options. Nag them about it and potentially appear petty, or get over it and pay for it yourself.

Too often I seem to wuss out and see the latter as the easy course of  action. It’s ok when it’s a one-off but persistent offenders are plainly either taking the piss, or are just clueless dicks. Or both.

Henceforth I shall not allow the piss to be taken and will go out of my way to take option 1 and potentially appear petty.

Family and close friends are excluded from this rant as I love you and you’re welcome to anything I have. Randoms and casual acquaintances are not. I don’t do it to others, so don’t do it to me. If you expect me to go out of my way for your benefit I ask nothing more than to be compensated for what it cost me – and perhaps a thankyou. I don’t think this is too much to ask.

Failing that just be honest: “Will you please buy this for me?”

I might, I might not, but at least we’ll both be being honest.


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