It amuses me greatly when I’m out and about just how many wonderfully patriotic individuals there are driving around displaying their national pride (and generally speaking, their Sun-reading latent racism) to the masses by adorning their chariots with the flag of this (once) great nation of ours.


They’re so patriotic that the biggest single asset that they have acquired (houses and other property aside) is foreign – built abroad by a foreign workforce working in a foreign factory using foreign components, thereby ensuring that their staunch patriotism and financial outlay benefits every country apart from the one they would have you believe they prize so highly. The only way the UK benefits is in terms of the taxes levied on the import and purchase of the car in the first place.

These are, incidentally, the same people who bitch and complain that there isn’t really a UK motor industry any more.

Anyone else seeing the link?

I’m rarely one to cite France / The French as a shining example of anything (barring Nazi collaboration, which they’ve a proven track record of being pretty good at) but have you ever noticed how the French almost exclusively drive French cars? France has a pretty buoyant motor industry as a result, in fact Renault own Nissan which is a pretty good indication of their size and success.

Anyway, cutting to the chase, patriotism goes beyond putting a few flags on your car and trying to convince the outside world of your loyalties – it involves using your brain once in a while, assuming that independent rational thought is within your skill-set.

Further irony can be found in this:

Have a good think about the kind of person that is typically associated with flag-waving ‘patriotism’. Now have a think about the kind of person the country would be a better place without. 

I’m sure I don’t have to draw the venn diagram for you.

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