Bragging, elephant-murdering bum-faced buffoon Bob Parsons of GoDaddy, the worlds largest domain name registrar apparently finds murdering elephants with a high-powered rifle to be particularly satisfying. As one of the WWF’s largest global affiliates, my company thinks otherwise and so today I’ve decided that I can’t possibly keep our domains with this gormless prick any longer and in doing so pay for his dim-witted shootathons.

With immediate effect the 52 animal charity-related domain names that we have with his company are being moved to, and hundreds more of our domain names will follow – this will cost him 500USD each year with immediate effect since the domains in question are due for renewal in a few days time – once the others have moved he’ll be down a few grand of our money every single year from now on and I won’t be darkening his doors again.

Reading the comments on his blog has only reinforced my position.

I’m not one for moral crusades in the slightest but I’m not going to fund his antics and I’d urge anyone in a similar position to do likewise. Yeah they’re cheap, but I’d rather pay a little bit more per domain to know that my money is not only staying in the UK, but isn’t lining the pockets of an unprincipled, macho, sexist cock-end with an ill-advised earring. Hope you go hunting with Donald Rumsfeld sometime soon you beady-eyed ballbag.

GoDaddy – GoFuckYourself.