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Just reading a couple of hotel reviews on Trip Advisor. You know you can discount comments from a certain reviewer when someone says something like this: “The staff are very polite and well mannered. At dinner you get seated and a waiter gets your drinks, it is all very professional”.

Fu-cking-hell. Now that’s service…

Where in the name of arse do you normally stay?

“normally where we stay it’s self-service and we have to add water to a variety of pot noodles so this was a real treat. We felt like royalty for the whole week.”

OK, so I made that bit up, but still….


The bride and groom are a bit backward.

You're allowed in, but everything is the wrong way round.

It's coming. Sadly.

A quick reminder:

“The Vengabus is coming
And everybody’s jumping
New York to San Fransisco
An intercity disco
The wheels of steel are turning
And traffic lights are burning
So if you like to party
Get on and move your body”

Dicks. A whole road full of them.

Not the most desirable address I wouldn't have thought. Unless you live on Cunt Close.