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I’m currently doing something I would have sworn a week ago would never EVER happen. I’m writing this pointless shit from an Ubuntu Linux installation on my home PC rather than the usual Vista Ultimate or XP arrangement and I have to say I’m really quite pleasantly surprised. I can only hope that I won’t entirely lose my social skills as a result of this unplanned foray into the world of nether geekdom.

Who’d have thought it? Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy to admit that there are several alternatives to Uncle Bill’s software and it’s not just because I earn a living through fixing implementations of the fruits of his labours that I’ve been perhaps twattishly sceptical until now – in fact I largely blame Mac OS (although I have a secret sneaking regard for it) for putting me off the concept of viable alternatives.

This stuff actually works, it costs nothing, it’s really well supported and while it takes a little adjustment I’ve been stunned by just how little.

I have it dual-booting with Vista and it took about 15 minutes to do this from start to finish, with little or no previous Linux experience. It even installs it’s own boot-loader – you can’t actually get Vista and XP to play this nicely together on the same machine and have to jump through hoops to dual-boot them to get them to co-exist.

I’m far from being converted or won-over hook line and sinker, but I am really quite seriously revising a few assumptions I’d made about Linx and open source software in general.

Sorry, that was a bit too serious and had some kind of a point. Normal service will be resumed shortly no doubt.


*edit* I’ve actually changed my mind a bit. Getting anything done with it is a total cock-ache, drivers don’t work properly and you have to twat about endlessly with ludicrously syntax-heavy command-line shite to achieve the most basic things in many cases. It’s still a good platform but ultimately a decent GUI is better that twatting around for 3 hours googling the hell out of a problem to change one option on a video driver using a raft of nonsensical commands. Give me a decent intuitive GUI any time.

For reasons that could take some amount of explanation we found ourselves searching Google Images for a photo of the politician William Rhys-Mogg to see if he was who we thought he was – turns out we were actually looking for Rhodes Boyson and his magic facial hair – but what confused us was the results that came back – there were only 4, none of them remotely relevant, expected or exactly predictable.


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