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He’s gone!

And not a moment too soon.

Is it just me or on reflection didn’t Thatcher seem decent in comparison?

While I was by no means a die-hard fan of the iron lady, at least she believed in what she said, no matter how unpopular or unpalatable it may have been at times, whereas this grinning big-eared vicar, this steaming product of New Labour, proof-positive of the fact that it is in fact possible to polish a turd, is incapable of any plausible display of sincerity and almost wholly incapable of propriety.

This Teflon-coated-twat should have been forced out of office and held legally accountable for his dubious or downright appalling actions on a number of occasions but it seems it was not to be, and having turned this country and it’s people into an international laughing-stock, having sold us lock, stock and barrels of oil to the US, his work here is now apparently done and he’s off to fuck something else up instead.

What now for this world-class meat-truncheon of an individual? Well it would seem that the best way to solve the problems in the middle east is to send the (neither) Right (nor) Honourable ‘Member’ (yes, that’s ‘cock’ to you and I) over there to make it all better.

So, basically, we’re sending a man responsible for the deaths of thousands of Muslims over to sort them all out and make them play cricket are we? They ought to love that. A devout Christian mass-murderer off to tell those pesky dark chappies how to behave, in the true traditions of Imperialism and Christianity. Why not go the whole hog and strap a couple of Jews to him for good measure – that’ll help, surely – those Muslim fellas will lap that up…

Has this ‘man’ not had enough opportunities to get us all killed as it is?!!

If you voted for this man, you need to have a word with yourself, and what’s more when the next card comes through your letterbox enticing you to make your vote count, please feed it to the cat – your right to vote has been revoked.

Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large numbers.



Ah, I see – so you’re turning right at the 17th set of lights in around four and a half miles time? OK, my mistake… I apologise… that makes all the difference and of course gives you every right to sit in the right-hand lane of a dual carriageway doing 25 miles per hour in a 40 limit until your junction hoves into view and you stop wasting everyones time.



If you want to make somewhere you already know to be shitty seem a whole lot shittier then just go somewhere nice for long enough for you to forget how shitty the shitty place was.

Then come back and be astounded at just how much more shitty and depressing it seems.

For example – I was here:


Then I went here for a week:

Xania, Crete

Now I’m back here again:


See, I bloody told you.



I was watching a documentary the other night about bad fings wot did ‘appen in the past, innit.

Not to detract in any way from the abject horror of the subject matter in any way (so sit the fuck down PC brigade or I’ll thrash you, you vermin), sometimes I become detached and focus on the details a little too much, which leads me to the images linked below.

While I was watching said documentary, the familiar symbol of the Third Reich (also known as the ‘reichsadler’) struck me in a way it never has previously and all of a sudden I was filled with the desire to Photoshop it.

Original here first.

Now, had the Nazis come to power in Ancient Egypt it would presumably look more like this.

Reading, Berkshire.

What a filthy traffic-infested stinking shithole of a place. Been here for a day and have 2 left. If it weren’t for Pizza Express and the Slug & Lettuce I’d be borderline inconsolable.

I never thought I’d long for the ‘paradise’ of Stockport…

…well, I still don’t, but you know what I’m getting at.


I’m fairly acutely aware of the fact that all I do here is act like a pissy little bitch about stuff that cocks me off, so here’s something that makes me smile uncontrollably, and probably moreso than it should.

This too by the same guy – very odd indeed and I love it.